Expert consultants for advanced questions relating to materials, surfaces and corrosion

We are also available as experts or consultants for companies on our core topics in Germany or abroad and support you in the preliminary stages of judicial disputes, in arbitration proceedings and in court on site.

This includes damage assessment and situation documentation on site as well as a site inspection (e.g. in the preliminary phase of the construction of a solar energy park).

In parallel, our laboratory testing equipment can be used to determine the corrosiveness of the environment on sample material, to carry out a failure analysis on affected components and/or to recreate corrosion failures.

The combination and evaluation of the results from the laboratory with the findings from the on-site observation then form the expert opinion for your questions.

Based on this, we also prepare - if desired - project-specific recommendations regarding the selection of materials and surfaces or sanitation concepts.

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Typical questions from the past are, for example

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