InnCoa GmbH in Neustadt/Donau is a competent partner in the fields of corrosion and material failure as well as their prevention. InnCoa was founded in 2005 and initially focused on consulting in the field of coating processes, especially CVD via metal-organic compounds, as well as R&D engineering. Thus, the company was able to make a name for itself in the field of surface technology already in the first few years.

In April 2008, InnCoa moved into its new office location in Neustadt/Donau. With the expansion of staff and laboratory equipment, the acquisition of its own scanning electron microscope and microhardness tester as well as the establishment of a professional metallography laboratory, the groundwork was set for the business area of materials testing, electrochemical and failure analysis.

In October 2009, Dr.-Ing. Simon Oberhauser became to CEO. Simon Oberhauser studied mechanical engineering at the Ingolstadt University of Technology and subsequently completed his doctorate in materials science at the TU Bergakademie in Freiberg. The expansion of the area of material selection and material modification as well as corrosion and corrosion testing could be further intensified not least due to his expertise and research activities. Prof. Dr. Oberhauser is no longer available as CEO since his move to TH Ingolstadt at the beginning of 2022, but remains closely connected to InnCoa as a partner and freelance consultant.

His successor in the CEO position is the partner, Prof. Dr. Ch. Strobl. Prof. Strobl completed his doctorate at the University of Regensburg in the field of interfacial chemistry, then worked for 14 years at Audi AG in the field of corrosion protection and then moved to the TH Ingolstadt for 23 years as a professor of materials and surface engineering.

InnCoa GmbH is engaged in the field of materials, surfaces and corrosion processes and mechanisms. The interdisciplinary team from mechanical engineering, materials science and chemistry is active in the field of damage investigation, material characterisation, applied research and development as well as consulting. In this way, a complete package can be offered - from the investigation to the development of a solution including consulting, tailored to the respective requirements. This comprehensive offer is primarily used in the automotive, transport (road and rail), petrochemical, aviation, mechanical engineering, renewable energies, chemical industry and medical technology sectors.