Mechanical testing

With a universal testing machine of the company Galdabini we offer the following services:

  • Tensile tests up to 50 kN (e.g., DIN EN 10002-1, DIN EN ISO 6892-1, DIN EN ISO 527-1)
  • Tensile shear testing
  • Bending tests: 4-point bending test, 3-point bending test (e.g., DIN EN ISO 14125)
  • Compression test with compression plates d=156mm
  • Component tests especially according to the given requirements
  • Rope and wire tensile tests up to 5kN
  • Special, also non-standardized tests (e.g., thread pull-out tests)

With these testing methods we provide you with the exact mechanical characteristic values of the materials you use - from metals to plastics to composites (CFRP, GFRP, ...). We also test the adhesion of various adhesives to all materials and determine the influence of your surface coatings or paints on the adhesion of adhesives.

Even if standard methods are not sufficient to obtain the required information, we will find the appropriate test to clarify your specific material challenge.

Other mechanical testing:

Circlip-fixture (type VR) for simple and fast testing of shaft circlips of different strength classes for hydrogen embrittlement risk from the coating or pretreatment process preceding the test (according to DIN EN 50969-2).