Corrosion of metallic components in the soil or earth improvement materials

In aggressive soils, increased corrosion of metallic components can occur. We offer the following tests for this purpose:

  • Soil exposure of metallic components in selected test soils of different corrosivity categories (DIN 50929-3).
  • Determination of the specific electrical soil resistance under laboratory conditions as well as the other soil parameters for classification into the soil corrosivity categories according to DIN 50929-3:2018
  • Determination of polarisation resistivity according to ASTM G59-97 with subsequent conversion into corrosion rates according to ASTM G102-89
  • Influence of earth improvement materials on the corrosion of lightning protection systems (LPS) according to DIN EN IEC 62561-7 (VDE 0185-561-7): 2018-10
  • Based on this, the service life of the metallic components and coatings can be estimated.